Our dog bite experts look at the signs that a dog might attack.

Dog bite solicitors Slee Blackwell have dealt with hundreds of claims for dog-bite injuries. For many dog bite victims the attack will be described in legal terms as “sudden and without warning.” However in many cases it is likely that there were possible warning signs being exhibited by the dog which could have indicated that a dog bite was imminent.

It can be unusual for an agitated dog not to give out signals that it wants to be left alone. These signs can include:

  • licking lips
  • yawning
  • turning its head
  • walking away

If the dog perceives the threat as continuing or if the dog is aggressive then it may:

  • bare its teeth
  • stare directly at you
  • move its ears either back against its head or forwards
  • stiffen its legs

The hair on the dog’s back might also rise.

If a dog is going to attack then the advice is to stay calm and not to run away. Try and get something between you and the dog.

Instead of running away stand still, feet together, arms against your chest and fists below your neck.

Do not look directly into the dog’s eyes. This is a sign of aggression. Look down and to one side.

Hopefully the dog will lose interest and then you can back away slowly.

If you are knocked down by the dog lie with your face downwards and fists behind your neck with your forearms protecting your ears. Keep still in this position until the dog moves away.

These are common signs that a dog might attack, but all dogs are different, so it always pays to be vigilant.

Dog bite victims may be eligible to claim compensation for any injuries suffered. Dog bite solicitor James McNally can be contacted for free initial advice and a free case assessment on 0333 888 0435 or email [email protected]

Spot the signs that a dog might attack
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