What can I claim if I am bitten by a dog?

What can I claim if I am bitten by a dog? Find out by calling the experts for a free assessment on 0333 888 0435 or sending us an email.

You can claim compensation for the injury suffered as well as compensation for the effect the injury had had upon you. Most dog bite claims involve scarring, but a lot of people suffer psychological injuries too. Our team are experienced in animal injury claims and will ensure that you are compensated for any additional problems you suffer.

You can also claim any financial loss or expense which has been reasonably incurred as a result of the dog bite or animal injury, including:

  • Lost earnings
  • Care and assistance provided by friends and family
  • Cost of medication and prescription charges
  • Travelling expenses
  • Damaged clothing and property
  • Medical treatment costs

If your own dog or a pet has been injured at the same time as you were bitten then their vet’s bills can be recovered as part of your own personal injury claim.

If you haven’t suffered injury but your pet has, the way claims are dealt with is a little different and you can read more about that in our section on Injured Pets and Vet Bills.

Having Solicitors acting for you who know what you can recover and what evidence you will need to support your losses is vital to the success of your claim.  Our specialist dog bite team know exactly what to do to help you recover the compensation due to you and are able to deal with claims on a no win, no fee basis.

What can I claim if I am bitten by a dog? Find out by contacting us for a free case assessment.