Making a CICA dog bite compensation claim

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Claiming dog bite compensation from the dog’s owner isn’t always possible appropriate. If the dog owner doesn’t have insurance or have any money themselves to pay compensation then there is little point in pursuing a legal claim against them. However, if the person with the dog used it to cause you injury then an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) might be a better option.

The CICA is a government funded scheme that pays compensation to victims of violent crime. Our experienced lawyers can advise you about making a CICA dog bite compensation claim and will give you guidance on all your options. We appreciate that every case is different and so we will tailor our specialist advice specifically for you.

The CICA scheme is complex and they don’t pay out to everyone. The circumstances have to be quite specific and to qualify for CICA compensation we will need to show that:

a) the dog was set upon you; and

b) the person with control of the dog intended for you to be harmed and used the dog for that purposes; or

c) the person with control of the dog intended for you to be harmed and created the circumstances for such harm to occur.

A CICA dog bite compensation claim can be difficult to make because of the need to show that the owner (or person with control of the dog) had intent to cause injury. Unfortunately mere ‘accidents’ do not qualify under the criminal injuries scheme.

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