If at the same time as someone is attacked or bitten their pet is also injured or even if the pet is sadly killed then we can include those associated costs within the special damages element of a Personal Injury claim.

For example in the past we have successfully recovered:

  • £4,000 in vet bills for a badly bitten cat
  • Cremation and funeral costs for a savaged Jack Russell
  • £500 in vet bills for an injured Yorkshire Terrier

As these losses were included within the Personal Injury Claim we were able to recover them at the same time as getting the dog bite victim compensation. In these cases we acted on a No Win No Fee.

If your pet has been injured and you've been left our of pocket but you have suffered no injury then you can still look to recover money from responsible party but the rules on how you do it are a little different.

If a Personal Injury claim is worth more than £1,000 then the usual rule is that a Claimant can recover their legal fees from a Defendant. For these cases the rules allow us to offer No Win No Fee funding.

In cases where it is only the pet that has been injured or killed then the claim has to be worth more than £10,000 before legal fees can be recovered from a Defendant.

This means that for the vast majority of pet injury cases as the value is less than £10,000 we cannot offer No Win No Fee.

It also means that if the pet owner wishes to instruct a lawyer they will have to pay privately and do so in the knowledge that the legal fees are unlikely to be recovered in full or at all from the Defendant – Even if the claim is succesful! 

Quite often the legal bills can be higher than the amount looking to be recovered so pet owners have to think very carefully before instructing a lawyer on their behalf.

Dog Bite Solicitors do have experience of these cases and our knowledge of the Animals Act and Dog Bite Law can be invaluable in the success or failure of these claims but we can only act on a privately paying basis.

This means paying either an hourly rate or agreeing a fixed sum to do a certain amount of work. In most cases we will require a payment on account before we can act.

If you do want to discuss instructing Dog Bite Solicitors to act in cases of pet injury or death then contact us today.


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