Children and dog bites

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Figures from NHS England showed not only that the number of people hospitalised for dog attacks had increased by almost 76% in the last ten years but that incidents involving children account for over one in four (26%) of all attacks and that children often suffer the most serious injuries.

The problem is particularly bad in the cities. In London the number of patients under 18 treated for dog bites has more than doubled and in the West Midlands it has risen by over 80%.

Where children are involved it’s important that you have solicitors who are understanding and who appreciate the difficulties involved in these type of claims. We specialise in dog bite personal injury law and have experience of dealing with child dog bite victims. For further information or to make a claim contact us today.

We have dealt with numerous claims involving dog attacks on young children over the last few years. This means that we have a great deal of experience and understanding on how to deal with these claims and how to ensure that we get the best result for our young client.

If a victim of a dog bite is under 18 then they can make a claim with the help of an adult (usually a parent) who acts on their behalf, giving us instructions and receiving our advice. We work with the adult representative to ensure that the injured child is examined by a medical expert who has experience in dealing with children. We also ensure that all claims are valued by a barrister and any compensation settlement approved by a court.

Court approval involves a very short court hearing where a judge considers the evidence and confirms whether or not he is happy for the claim to settle for the amount agreed. This process means that we get the very best settlement we can for the child.

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