It’s important that if you have a solicitor acting for you that you’re confident in what they are doing. You want to know that you have the best person for the job and that they are going to get you the best result you can hope for. You want to know that you have someone who is going to genuinely fight your corner.

Unfortunately not all solicitors are reliable and not all have the expertise that they need to deal with a specialist claim for something like dog bites or which involve the Animals Act. Some won’t handle your claim like you’d want to them and won’t give you the straight answers you want to questions you raise. Worse still some will put your claim in the hands of an inexperienced para-legal assistant (not a qualified solicitor). Some people end up with solicitors they would never have chosen given the chance but felt compelled to go to them because their legal expense insurer pushed them to use them.

If all this sounds a bit too familiar and you have found yourself rapidly losing faith in the legal advice you’re being given then the solution is simple – change to a specialist dog bite solicitor. You have the absolute right to do so and it won’t cost you anything, despite what your current solicitor or legal expense insurer might try to tell you.

We regularly take over conduct of files where the dog bite victim has been told that they have no chance of winning but where we can see that actually the problem is a lack of understanding of this specialist area of law.

If your claim is currently being backed by a “no win, no fee” arrangement, or by legal expenses insurance, that benefit can usually simply be transferred to your new solicitor.

We send you a very simple form to sign, so that we can obtain your file from your present solicitor – we then review what has happened and give you full advice on the best way forward.

If you want to discuss changing your solicitor, then simply click on the button below, or call us on 0808 139 1601 for a free chat, or email for an immediate response.

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