Dog bite solicitor James McNally has been quoted in the national press in relation to one of his client Richard Jefferies.

It had previously been reported that Mr Jefferies had been sacked from his job as a delivery driver for Amazon after a customer complained that he had kicked and damaged her door. Mr Jefferies was quite clear that wasn’t the case and wanted an opportunity to put forward his version of events. We therefore contacted The Sun on his behalf and arranged with the journalist involved to speak to Mr Jefferies so he could put forward his side of the story.

Mr Jefferies was quite clear that he only kicked the door in order to get his hand free after being bitten by the home owner’s dog as he made a delivery. James McNally was also asked to comment on what had happened and was able to clarify some of the complexities of the Animals Act and dog bite law. It was also an opportunity to make it clear why we felt the home owner was at fault. It was clear from the comments she had made in the story as previously reported that she knew the dog was territorial and that after the attack she fitted a letter box cage. If a cage had been in place before the accident, it could have been avoided completely.

You can read the full story here:

The Sun features Dog bite solicitor James McNally