The BBC has reported that a cow has injured two dog owners whose pets chased the animal into a river inCornwall. The police have confirmed that the owners had been trying to recapture and restrain the dogs near Penpol Creek on the River Gannel, near Newquay when the cow fought back. Both owners were taken to theRoyalCornwallHospitalwith minor injuries. The cow was not injured. Police are investigating whether any offences have been committed but it is understood the dogs were not found to be dangerous breeds and have been returned to their owners. The police have reminded all dog owners to behave responsibly and keep their dogs, whatever breed, under control and on a lead when in the vicinity of any animals, especially livestock. They confirmed that farmers had a defence in law to shoot dogs if they were out of control and that owners would be prosecuted if there was sufficient evidence.

Dogs attack on cow leaves owners in hospital
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