Paul McLean, of Tooting, appeared in Lavender Hill Magistrates Court on 11th May 2012 for possession of a dog dangerously out of control after a mother was attacked in front of her two week old baby. The woman was at a bus stop with her husband and baby in Burntwood Lane, Tooting, on April 27, when a white dog with brown spots clamped its jaws around her wrist. She was taken to St George's Hospital, Tooting, and treated for injuries. She escaped relatively lightly thanks to her thick clothing. She reported to police that the dog’s owner appeared oblivious to the attack and walked away without apologising or checking on her. Police officers then circulated a description of the man and his dog, which led to the arrest of Mr McLean and seizure of the dog for examination under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Acting Police Sergeant Suzie Rylatt said: "We are delighted that our efforts mean that a potentially dangerous dog has been taken off the streets and its owner will face justice.

Dangerous dog arrest following attack in tooting
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