One of the most common calls to our free legal helpline is from people asking, ‘Can I claim compensation if I am bitten by a dog?’

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If you are bitten by a dog in an unprovoked attack then it is very likely that you will be able to claim compensation for your injuries and financial losses.

However, the law governing dog bite compensation is extremely complicated and many victims receive incorrect legal advice, even from supposedly specialist injury solicitors.

Our lawyers are genuine experts in this niche area of law, which is why we are recommended by the independent guide to the legal profession, The Legal 500.

To maximise your chances of recovering compensation we advise you to speak to us as soon after the incident as possible, as time can be crucial in identifying the owner and notifying the claim.

There are a number of important legal considerations that our team will need to take into account when investigating a dog bite compensation claim. These include:

Was the dog insured?

It is also important to establish whether the owner of the dog has insurance. Pet insurance is common in the UK and if the dog that bit you is insured it significantly increases your prospects of recovering compensation. Even if they do not have specific pet insurance they owner may still be covered under their home insurance if the incident took place on private property. If the attack occurred on commercial premises then the owner is likely to be covered by public liability insurance.

Were there any witnesses?

Witnesses, especially independent ones, can provide invaluable evidence in legal cases. If anyone saw the incident then ask them for their name and address.

What are your injuries?

It is important that you seek medical treatment for your injuries. Details of those injuries will then be included in your medical records and we can call upon this when we make the compensation claim for you

Are there any photographs?

If you were bitten while you were on someone’s property then taking photographs of the scene of the attack can be helpful, particularly as some dog owners put up warnings signs after the incident has taken place. A photograph of a door, gate or letterbox could prove vital to the success of your compensation claim.

Free case assessment and No Win, No Fee

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Can I claim compensation if I am bitten by a dog?