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We have succeeded on yet another case where a dog bite victim was advised by a solicitor that they didn’t have a valid claim. If you would like a second opinion on a dog bite claim then call our free helpline or email us at [email protected]

That not all lawyers are the same has been highlighted by a recent case dealt with by dog bite solicitor James McNally.

A seven year old boy was walking through the park with his mother when a dog ran up to them and without provocation bit him on the lip. He needed surgery and although he made a good recovery he was left with permanent scarring.

His mother initially approached a large national firm of solicitors for legal advice. They said they would deal with his compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. A formal letter of claim was sent to the dog owner, but when he denied responsibility for the unprovoked attack the firm told the boy’s mother that they didn’t think her son’s claim would succeed and weren’t willing to continue dealing with it.

Luckily rather than just giving up, the mother decided to get a second opinion and this time approached us. We are specialist dog bite solicitors, dealing with claims throughout England and Wales. We are often approached by people who have been told by another lawyer that they haven’t got a case and when we look into their claim we find that the other solicitors are wrong and that the clients do in fact have a valid claim.

That is what happened in this case. James disagreed with the first solicitors’ assessment and offered to take over the case.

Within a short period of time James had obtained medical evidence and agreed an out of court settlement of £16,000. 

Said James, “What we saw when we obtained our client’s file from his previous solicitors was something that we see time and time again when we take over dog bite files from other firms. Letters of claim that don’t properly argue their client’s case and then a solicitor who doesn’t know what to do when a denial of liability is received. If our client’s mum had taken them at their word she could have decided not to do anything more and her son could have been deprived of compensation that was rightly his. They were told that they had no claim and now our client has £16,000 sat in the Court funds account for when he turns 18. Obviously they are very happy with the outcome, as are we.

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£16,000 for injured boy who was told he didn’t have a case