Dog Bite Solicitors Slee Blackwell ( are here to help dog bite victims after an attack. But is it possible to avoid an attack in the first place?

Clint Emerson is a former Navy Seal and author of the 100 Deadly Skills ( series “The Seal Operative’s Guide to Surviving in the Wild and Being Prepared for Any Disaster”.

He gave a recent talk to Business Insider where he gave 5 top tips on what to do if confronted and attacked by a Dangerous Dog.

1. Distract the Dog: Take a jumper, jacket, bag or purse and give it to the dog to go after so it’s not after any other vital part of your body.

2. Take your shirt off: Put your shirt around your arm. The aim is to protect the ulnar and radius arteries which flow inside of the arm. If you are using your arm to defend yourself use the forearm and not the inside where the vital arteries are.

3. Punch it in the nose and muzzle: These will be “front and centre” and make a large target. When the body is under stress you will not be functioning normally and will only have gross motor skills – this means only movement and coordination of arms, legs and large body parts. Punching the attacking dog in the face should be easy to manage.

4. Aim for the ribs: The area behind their arms near the rib cage is sensitive for dogs so try and aim here.

5. Show them who’s boss: Fight with a vengeance and kick and punch to make the dog understand who is the alpha.

If you have been a victim of a dog-bite attack and wish to claim compensation for your injuries as well as looking to recover your out of pocket expenses contact dog bite solicitors without delay for No Win, No Fee legal advice.

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US Navy Seal gives Dog Bite Survival tips
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