The 16th July 2016 will see Dog owners marching on Westminster in peaceful protest against failed law that targets types of dog. Protests have been organised around the world for July 2016 – with other UK events have been organised for Wales, Northern Ireland, Herefordshire and the South West of England. As part of a global movement to raise awareness about the problems of breed specific laws protests are also planned in Ontario, Quebec, Winnipeg, Victoria, Ottawa Canada and Germany. The London event is organised by DDA Watch and will mark what they see as 25 years of failed legislation. They state that thousands of pets continue to be put to death or deemed ‘dangerous’ based on their physical appearance, the law makes no sense, is barbaric and is long overdue for repeal, dogs continue to be ripped apart from their families even though they have never put a paw wrong. Dog bite solicitor James McNally says:

“The Dangerous Dogs 1991 Act was never properly thought through when it was brought it and when it was reformed a few years ago the hoped for changes were few and far between. This campaign is being led by dog owners. As someone who sees the impact dogs bites have daily I cannot agree with their stance 100% what is correct is the current legislation does nothing to prevent dog attacks and instead focuses the attention of named breeds when the truth is that any dog can be deemed “dangerous”. In all our years of dealing with dog bites claims we have never had one involving a breed named on the list.”

The London Event page can be found on Facebook here – If you have been a victim of a dog bite or dog attack our Freephone helpline is 0808 1391601

Protests organised to end breed specific legislation
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