A Whitby man has reported being attacked by dangerously out of control dogs while out walking his own dog, Mr Tucker, on the beach. Mr George Robertson told the Whitby Gazette that he was on the beach when he saw  four people ahead of him with three dogs, one of which was a Staffordshire bull terrier, and he said: “The next thing I know is there’s this growling and barking and the Staffie went for him. Mr Tucker was on a lead and I held him back but the Staffie bit my hand. I had to go to the hospital, there was blood pouring out of my hand.”  Mr Robertson reported the incident to the Police and attended Whitby Hospital, for treatment to the deep cuts to his hand. He was urged by hospital staff to take photographs in case they were later needed fro evidence. His hand was bandaged, he was given a tetanus injection and he was also given a week-long course of antibiotics to fight any infection that may have been caused by the bite. Mr Robertson reported that the dog’s owner had showed little sympathy He said: “She came over and I was annoyed, upset and in a state of shock and I said ‘keep your dog under control the owner replied: “Don’t you talk to me like that.” Mr Robertson said that he believed the four people were not locals and their accents suggested they were from the Midlands. In addition to the Staffie, they also had a small tan dog and a medium black and white dog. The police are looking into the matter but the difficulty of tracing the owner means there is probably little they can do. They are asking anyone who can provide to contact Whitby Police by calling 101. Specialist Dog Bite Solicitor James McNally says: "Unfortunately this highlighs one of the major problems that we face at the moment.  Dog Owner's who show little respect for others and little control of their animals. Mr Robertson has suffered an injury and is entitled to claim compensation as a result but because of the difficulties in tracing the dogs or their owners it is unlikely he will succeed. It is vitally important that if any one suffers as a result of a dog attack that they or others with them make every effort to find out exactly who the owners are. Even a  car registration number can help track them down."

Police hunt for Whitby Dangerous Dog owners after attack
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