The police watchdog have called Mersyside Police's response to warnings that dangerous dogs were being kept and bred at the house where four yearold John Paul Massey was later mauled to death "inadequate". In February 2009, nine months prior to John Paul's death ithe police had received a report that a tenant was breeding pit bull terrier dogs. Officers however felt that this was "not a police matter" and a log into the report was closed. As a result of the Independant Police Complaints Commission an acting sergeant, a PC and a member of police staff were given action plans due to thier "unsatisfactory performance" and the force has also revised its dangerous dogs policy implementing all recommendation made by the IPCC and stating that they remain committed to taking breeds deemed to be illegal under the Dangerous Dogs Act off the streets of Merseyside. In June 2010, John Paul's uncle, Christian Foulkes was jailed for four months for breeding and owning the dog which killed his nephew. John Paul's grandmother who was looking after him at the time was given a suspended sentance and banned from keeping dogs for life.    

Police criticised for failing to act on Dangerous Dogs despite warnings
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