Gallant German Shepherds, Tenacious Terriers and Snappy Staffies. Which breeds of dog bite the most?

Nature or Nurture? – A study has found that a dog’s breed is a weak indicator for behaviour. If you have been bitten by a dog, whatever its breed, then contact the leading dog bite lawyers for a free case assessment. Call our helpline on freephone 0333 888 0435 or email [email protected]

Historically dogs were bred for practical reasons; hunting, herding and the like. As time has gone on trends have emerged and various breeds have become popular. But what effect does a dog’s breed have on it’s behaviour?

At Slee Blackwell our national leading lawyers often get asked by people, “Which breeds of dog bite the most? ” and the team always reply that all dogs, regardless of breed, have the propensity to bite in certain circumstances. In fact they’d be hard pressed to think of a breed of dog that they haven’t seen a client be bitten by, from a Great Dane to a Chicahua.

Now According to a new study, dog breeds may not significantly influence their behaviour – supporting what our lawyers have been saying all along. Elinor Karlsson, co-author of the study, published in the journal Science and University of Massachusetts said: “There is a huge amount of behavioural variation in every breed, and, at the end of the day, every dog really is an individual.”

The researchers couldn’t find a genetic basis for aggressive behaviours nor any link to specific breeds. Researchers found that some behaviours were associated with different categories of breed. Herding breeds, such as the German Shepherd, tended to be more biddable, more engaged with their environment and more aloof from others when compared to other breeds. In contrast toy breeds, such as the Pomeranian, tended to be less biddable and less sociable toward other dogs compared to other breeds.

“The correlation between dog behaviour and dog breed is much lower than most expected,” said Jeff Kidd, a University of Michigan geneticist who wasn’t involved in the research.

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Which breeds of dog bite the most