Can I claim compensation for being bitten while delivering to a property?

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Postal workers and delivery drivers are amongst those most likely to be bitten by a dog whilst at work. Royal Mail have recently released figures relating to the number of their employees suffering dog attacks.

In the year to March 31, 2022, a total of 1,673 dog bite incidents were reported to Royal Mail by their workers. This averages at 32 every week across the UK.

Statistically these attacks predominantly happen at the front door (39%) or within the garden, driveway, or yard of the owner’s property (30%). A further 23% of injuries occurred through the letter box.

Common injuries include single and multiple puncture wounds to the body and face, the loss of fingertips and psychological injury.

If you are bitten then you may be entitled to claim compensation. To find out, simply contact our expert team.

You will help the legal case if you:

~Inform the householder that you have been bitten and ask for their details (Name, Address and Pet/Home insurance details).

~Seeking medical attention for your injuries.

~Take photographs of the location of the attack to demonstrate any dog warning signs that may/may not be in situ.

~Take photographs of your injuries.

~Report the incident to your employer and/or police.

~Keep a record of any conversation/correspondence between yourself and the dog owner.

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