Dog bite solicitors Slee Blackwell have been approached by documentary company True Vision ( who are looking to speak to young people who have been injured by a dog, and who may be interested in being part of a short film on the subject.

The film is part of a short form series called How Not To Die which is being made for BBC Three.

The idea of the series is to give first aid advice to BBC Three’s young online audience about medical incidents that may happen to them or their friends.

At the centre of the films is the gripping testimony of a young person who has first hand experience of a life and death situation.

The first film in the series focussed on what to do in a stabbing, you can watch it here:

True Vision are hoping that the film will give young people the essential first aid knowledge they’d need to help a friend or stranger in the future.

If you’re under 30, have been injured by a dog and received medical care from a member of the public, friend or paramedic and would like to know more about the film then please contact Lilly at True Vision on: [email protected]

BBC Three documentary seeks young dog bite victims
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