Woman injured by a dog in a park receives £4,300 compensation


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Mrs W was walking through Cassiobury Park in Watford with her friend when suddenly an unleashed Labrador ran from behind and knocked her to the ground. Mrs W was understandably shocked by the incident. The dog owner admitted to Mrs W that her dog could be “a little naughty at times”.

Being knocked over by a dog can often lead to nasty injuries, often much more serious than injuries resulting from a dog bite. Fortunately, Mrs W did not suffer any broken bones, but she did injure her hand and finger, exacerbating pre-existing arthritis, as well as suffering a laceration to her eyebrow and a black eye.

Mrs W noticed that she was wary after the accident and concerned about the possibility of being knocked over again.

She contacted our specialist team of dog injury lawyers for a free review of her case. Mrs W had the benefit of free legal assistance under her home insurance policy but because cases involving non-aggressive dog injuries can be very tricky she opted to use ourselves. So that Mrs W was not at a financial disadvantage we offered to match the terms of her legal expenses insurer’s panel solicitors.

A Letter of Claim was sent to the dog owner pointing out his legal liability. His insurers responded by accepting responsibility and agreeing to pay compensation.

Mrs W had previously been involved in a legal claim that had resulted in a drawn-out case with a vast legal bill. She was therefore keen to ensure that the claim was handled efficiently and at a proportionate cost. We therefore ensured that the case was brought to a swift conclusion with an out of court settlement that included payment of Mrs W’s legal costs in full.

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Injured by a dog

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