A walker who was bitten by a dog while out walking has won £12,500 compensation

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Ms G was on an annual family walk in an area of outstanding natural beauty when a dog ran out of a farm barking. Ms G and her family continued to walk along calmly but the dog ran up to her and bit her on the back of her leg.

Ms G reported the matter to the local police who spoke with the farmer who owned the dog.

She received medical attention in the nearby village and then visited her local GP when she returned home.

The incident spoilt the holiday for Ms G which was particularly upsetting as the holiday was a tradition in memory of her parents.

We agreed to bring a compensation claim on her behalf funded on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The dog owner was insured and his insurers agreed to our request that they pay for medical treatment to help Ms G recover from her injuries.

Ms G found it very difficult to be reminded of the incident and so when the insurers made her an offer of £7,500, she was keen to accept it and put the incident behind her. However, on our recommendation she agreed to us making a counter offer. After some negotiation the claim settled for a total of £12,500, plus legal costs.

Here’s what Ms G had to say about Jasmine Butler, the lawyer who dealt with her case, once the claim had finished:

Thank you again for all your help with this claim, Jasmine. My partner and I both had a strong sense from our first contact with you that you would be really good and we were in safe hands. We have really appreciated your professionalism, understanding and kindness”.

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Bitten by a dog while out walking