Mrs T was dog walking with a friend when they were approached by a young Labrador. The dog pestered them for a bit and then ran off before returning and rushing round them at such speed that it collided with Mrs T throwing her into the air and causing her to hit the ground with so hard she ended up requiring a shoulder replacement. Mrs T instructed solicitors recommended by her home insurers but liability was denied on the basis the dog had never acted in this way before. A barrister considered the case and also decided Mrs T would not win. Mrs T approached 3 different solicitors before speaking to Slee Blackwell. It was clear to us that she had a case and that her solicitors and barrister had failed to understand the law.
Mrs T had issued Court proceedings herself as the third anniversary of the accident had already passed. In a very short space of time we arranged to have her seen by a medical expert and for an expert Vet to prepare a report on the facts of the case and the dog’s behaviour. Although liability continued to be denied we were confident of her case and following negotiations the claim settled for £25,000.
Eastbourne Pensioner knocked to ground by dog: Dog bite solicitors succeed where others failed.