L was playing with his friend in the street when his friend decided to put his water pistol back in the house. As he opened the front door the family dog escaped and came into the road where it attacked L biting his arm and leg resulting in him having to have surgery the same day. The dog’s owners took the decision to have the dog destroyed but their insurers denied liability for what happened on the basis that the dog had not acted in this way before.

L’s mother had instructed one of the biggest firm’s in the country to deal with the claim but when liability was denied they dropped the claim. After speaking to her we obtained the file and it was immediately apparent that they had little understanding of this specialist field of law and had failed to even consider what we feel are basic elements of any dog bite claim. Following just two emails from Slee Blackwell the insurers reversed their decision and admitted liability allowing L to get the treatment he deserved.

Admission of liability secured for Seven year old attacked in Walsall street after solicitors abandon claim