Dog bite lawyer, James McNally, has won a compensation claim on behalf of a woman who was bitten by her friend’s dog

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Our client had visited her friend’s home for coffee. When she went to leave she gave her friend’s dog a pat goodbye.

Her friend did not say anything, give any warning or tell her not to approach the dog.

The dog, which was lying on the sofa, suddenly and without warning lurched at our client, biting her twice on the face.

The injuries were serious and our client was not only left with unsightly facial scarring but she also suffered nerve damage. This resulted in permanent numbness just below her mouth.

Following the attack James McNally, a leading UK dog bite lawyer, took the compensation case on, agreeing to work on a No Win, No Fee basis. James has an enviable track record of successfully recovering compensation on behalf of dog bite victims nationwide.

James pursued the compensation claim against the dog owner’s insurers. Although the owner pleaded guilty in criminal proceedings her insurers continued to argue that there was no legal requirement to pay the victim compensation.

We strongly disagreed with the insurance company’s approach, believing that their understanding of the law was fundamentally wrong. We therefore issued a formal legal claim in the County Court. We also brought in a canine behavioural expert to support the case.

The insurance company then backed down, not wanting to incur the costs of a trial they were unlikley to win. This resulted in an out of court settlement being reached with our client receiving a substantial five figure compensation award.

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Dog bite lawyer wins compensation