Case study of a successful police dog bite compensation claim

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Our client, an ordinary and law abiding member of the public, saw a serious crime being committed.

Bravely he chased the offender who was attempting to make a getaway and helped the police to apprehend him. However, rather than getting a commendation from the Chief Commissioner for his bravery, all he received was a nasty bite to his leg from a police dog.

The police dog handler was powerless to prevent the unprovoked attack and equally unable to make his dog stop. Our client was thrown to the ground and the police dog refused to let him go, clamping his leg between its powerful jaws. Eventually the police dog handler managed to release our client, but not before serious injuries had been suffered.

The innocent victim attempted to seek criminal injuries CICA compensation, but he was unable to to do so. He therefore called our free legal helpline to find out if he could claim police dog bite compensation.

Having heard his story we were in no doubt that he was entitled to compensation and we agreed to take on the case, working on a no win, no fee basis. he was delighted with this as it meant that he did not run any financial risk iif the claim was not successful.

We presented the claim to the police and in the meantime obtained expert medical evidence in relation to our client’s injuries. The medical report was supportive and we presented this to the police.

Not unsurprisingly the police recognised that they had no valid defence to the claim and they quickly made an offer to resolve the case. This resulted in an out of court settlement being reached, which meant that our client was not required to attend court.

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