We win £22,000 dog attack compensation for a three year old girl after magistrates award just £250.

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A three year old girl was attacked by an unsupervised dog while she was sitting on a swing in a public playground.

The little girl’s mother tried to protect her but could not stop the dog biting her daughter’s leg.

The owner of the dog was prosecuted and convicted. As part of the criminal process the Magistrates Court made a victim compensation order.

However, the compensation awarded in our criminal courts is notoriously low and in this instance the child was awarded just £250!

The dog’s owner assumed that was the end of the matter. However we advised the girl’s  mother that she was entitled to make a separate dog attack compensation claim in the civil courts and agreed to deal with the case on a no win – no fee basis.

Fortunately the owner of the dog had insurance and the claim was directed to the insurance company.

Because the little girl had suffered permanent scarring we were able to recover compensation exceeding £22,000. That’s almost one hundred times more than the Magistrates court had awarded her.

That money will now be invested by the court until the girl turns 18. Her mother hopes she will then put it to good use as the deposit on a home of her own.

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Dog attack compensation claim made on behalf of three year old girl