James McNally, aka the dog bite solicitor, interviewed by Caroline Martin of BBC Radio Somerset

James McNally, the dog bite solicitor has been interviewed by BBC Somerset.

We are a nation of dog lovers, but the question James was asked was whether dogs really need to accompany us everywhere we go, and what the legal position is if a dog bites someone when you are out and about.

James explained that dog owners need to take other people into account. If you take your dog somewhere, don’t assume everyone is happy with that. Venues that allow dogs also need to consider their responsibilities to visitors. Legally, the dog owner or the “dog friendly” businesses, could both be liable should someone get bitten.

James told the BBC the bottom line is that if a dog bites someone then criminal or civil proceedings could follow, regardless of whether the dog has done it before. The owner and/or person in charge of the dog is likely to be liable.

He also went through some very simple steps that can be taken by dog owners to protect people making deliveries to their home. For example a letter box cage would prevent the fingers of a delivery person being bitten as they push items through the letterbox.

James and Caroline discussed the lifelong impact a dog bite can have on a victim, whether it is the physical injury suffered by people losing fingers, noses, and ears, the impact of scarring, or the psychological effects.

You can listen to a recording of the dog bite solicitor being interviewed by BBC Somerset by following the link below, from 3 hours 15 minutes:


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The dog bite solicitor interviewed by BBC Somerset