Successful dog bite injury claim is made after victim changes solicitors and appoints us to deal with her case.

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J was employed as a healthcare worker and and lived at number 76. The defendant lived at 78. In order for J to access the main footpath she was required to walk past number 78 and down a flight of steps. As she exited her house with her husband walking behind her she noted the defendant’s father was outside number 78 with her neighbour’s Staffordshire bull terrier. The dog was on a lead, but was not muzzled. J had no option but to walk past the dog. As she approached it she greeted the dog and put her hand down for the dog to sniff it. After sniffing J’s hand the dog suddenly and without warning jumped up and bit her face.

J originally instructed local solicitors, but they didn’t have the required expertise in relation to dog bite claims. Luckily she then asked us for a second opinion and we took the case over for her.

We instructed a leading Consultant Plastic Surgeon, as well as a Consultant Psychiatrist to prepare medical reports and these were used as the basis for an out of court settlement, with J receiving £40,000. Had she not switched solicitors and instructed ourselves it is likely she would not have received any compensation.

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Dog bite victim changes solicitors and gets £40,000 compensation