£60,000 for employee injured by a dog at work

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Mrs S works as a dog carer for a leading animal charity often featured on Channel 4.

On the day of the incident she was at work, exercising one of the dogs. When she called the dog to leave the exercise area the dog ignored her command. The dog then ran at full speed towards her. The dog’s head collided with her knee, causing a fracture.

Mrs S contacted us and spoke with one of our legal experts, Jasmine Moxey-Butler.

Although Mrs S had the benefit of legal advice under her home insurance policy, she opted to use our services. We offered her a no win – no fee agreement and then made contact with her employer.

Her employer’s insurance company denied fault, stating that the employer had not been negligent. We investigated the claim in more detail and were able to track down the dog’s previous owner. They confirmed that although the dog had not been aggressive, they had never allowed the dog off lead.

The employers alleged that Mrs S had been warned that the dog had a history of failing to stop when running. However Mrs S denied she had been told this.

The insurance company realised they were losing the legal argument and offered Mrs S £50,000 in compensation. However, Jasmine was able to negotiate an increase and Mrs S walked away with £60,000 in her hand.

Mrs S was very happy with the outcome, stating:

“I can’t thank you enough. I didn’t expect this at all, thank you for everything you have done and for going the extra mile. I really appreciate it.”

If you have been injured by dog at work and wish to claim compensation then give the experts a call.


Injured by a dog at work