Family attacked by a dog on a campsite win compensation

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We have recently recovered compensation for a family who were attacked by a dog while they were camping.

Mr and Mrs H were on holiday in the summer of 2020. As this was during the period of Covid-19 related restrictions, they had been particularly looking forward to a change of scene and had booked to stay on a campsite, together with their parents and the family dogs.

Unfortunately, the much anticipated break took a bad turn when a large group of campers arrived with a border collie dog.

The collie persistently wandered free from his group off-lead. He kept approaching Mr and Mrs H’s tent and growling at their dogs.

Mr and Mrs H reported their concerns about the dog wandering free to the campsite management, as there was a rule on the campsite that dogs were welcome but had to be on the lead at all times. Unfortunately, the situation did not improve and one evening, the collie came into their tent, forcing its way through the tent zip, and attacking Mr and Mrs H’s dogs. In the course of trying to save their dogs, both Mr and Mrs H suffered injury.

Mr and Mrs H contacted our team of specialist dog injury lawyers for advice. We considered all that had happened and agreed to act for them on a No Win – No Fee basis.

We submitted a claim to the owner of the collie and her insurers.

The claim was strongly defended. Despite the owner admitting that her dog had been out of her sight for a period of time, she did not accept he had gone into the H’s tent or caused injury to them and their dogs. The collie’s owner suggested that our clients’ own dogs had hurt them.

After obtaining medical evidence about the injuries Mr and Mrs H had suffered, and still being unable to persuade the dog owner’s insurers to deal with the claim, we issued court proceedings.

After progressing a considerable way through the court timetable, the insurance company finally accepted the weaknesses of their case, and we were able to agree an out of court compensation settlement for both Mr and Mrs H

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