Compensation has been awarded to a child who was bitten by a dangerous dog

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We recently recovered compensation for a child who was bitten by a dangerous dog.

The four-year-old girl was attacked by a Weimaraner dog whilst walking past the dog owner’s property. The dog jumped the garden fence in an attempt to attack her grandfather’s dog.

The little girl suffered a bite to her thigh requiring surgery. She was left with permanent scarring and a fear of dogs.

The police seized the dog under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Due to the injury being caused by a dangerous dog the dog owner’s home insurers refused to deal with the claim, leaving the dog owner personally liable.

The little girl’s mother initially contacted a large firm of solicitors. They were unable to help and advised her to seek advice from a local solicitor.  She approached a couple of local solicitors but they were unwilling to deal with the claim a no win no fee basis. The mother was not in a position to pay for a solicitor privately so she contacted us. We assessed her case and told her that we would be happy to take on the claim under a No Win – No Fee agreement.

Partner and specialist dog bite lawyer, Jasmine Moxey-Butler, dealt with the claim. Jasmine had the little girl examined by independent medical experts, at no cost to the mother, and recovered £12,000 in compensation. That money will now be invested by the court until the child turns 18.

The little girl’s mum was very happy with the outcome, saying;

“My daughter was attacked by a stranger’s dog which left her with permanent scarring to the back of her leg.
Jasmine Moxley Butler did all the leg-work for us and kept us up to date with any news from the other side.
Couldn’t have asked for more and my daughter won her case.”

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Child is bitten by a dangerous dog