A dog bite injury victim has received £37,000 in compensation

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Our client, Miss M, was out walking when she saw a lady struggling to control her German Shepherd. Although she gave them a wide berth the dog nevertheless lunged at her and proceeded to attack. Miss M was bitten approximately 6 times, suffering scarring, a haematoma, fat necrosis and psychological injuries.

Miss M contacted our specialist team about claiming compensation for her dog bite injury. We agreed to take her case on and work on a No Win, No Fee basis.

The dog owner’s insurance company quickly conceded that the owner was at fault and that Miss M should receive compensation. As Miss M’s claim progressed, she noted that the haematoma had hardened and became concerned that the lump was cancerous. We talked this through with her and arranged for an up-front interim payment to be made to fund a private biopsy after her GP declined to refer her. Fortunately, the biopsy came back clear. We also obtained an up-front payment to fund a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help her deal with the psychological consequences of the dog attack.

Given the severity of her injuries a specialist barrister was retained to advise on the compensation package. However, Slee Blackwell’s Jasmine Moxey-Butler was able to negotiate a settlement above the figure recommended by the barrister: An out of court settlement of £37,000 plus legal costs ultimately being reached.

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Dog bite injury victim receives £37,000