Case study of a delivery driver attacked by a dog who won his compensation claim

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The facts of the case study

Our client, Mr C, was making a delivery of cement to a private house. On the day he arrived the home owners had failed to make sure that their Irish Wolf Hound was inside and the door properly secured. Mr C was stepping down out of his cab when suddenly the dog came out of the house and grabbed hold of his leg, dragging him out and causing him to fall onto the ground below.

Mr C suffered injury to his back when he hit the ground as well as nasty bites to his leg. His pre-booked summer holiday was ruined because of the dog attack and he lost two weeks wages as he couldn’t drive.

We tracked down the home owners and presented them with the compensation claim. They initially refused to co-operate, but we when we persisted with the claim and threatened court proceedings they accepted they were at fault for the attack. Mr C received his compensation in full, as well the cost of his holiday and lost earnings

How we can help if you are a delivery driver attacked by a dog

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Delivery Driver Attacked in Driveaway