K went back to a friend's house after a night out. She was sat on the floor and went to stroke her friend's dog when it suddenly growled and lept forwards bitting her upper lip. The injury was quite severe and K needed two operations. She had difficulty eating and drinking and found that her lips could no longer form a "seal" and so she dribbled which she found very embarrassing. The Defendant denied liability for what had happened. They said that K had aggravated the dog. That the dog had never shown any agression before. Dog bite solicitors Slee Blackwell worked hard to gather evidence to support K's case. This included a report from a canine behaviourist which was very supportive and explained the likely reason why the dog had bitten. Despite all of this the Defendant continued to deny liability and Court proceedings had to be issued and served.

Shortly before trial the Defendant decided that they wanted to obtain their own expert evidence. Our specilaist dog bite barrister strongly opposed the application and the Court refused it. The same day the Defendant accepted K's offer of £25,000.    

Birmingham mum awarded £25,000 in compensation