Sometimes a claim for personal injury isn't appropriate and it might be that an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) who pay compensation to victims of violent crime might be a better option.

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The CICA don't pay out to everyone and the circumstances have to be quite specific to qualify for an award following a dog attack.

The CICA will want you to show that the dog attack was deliberate and that the person in charge of the dog meant to set the dog on you, or that the dog attack was because the owner failed to control a dog which they knew was vicious to people.

Claims to the CICA for compensation concerning dog bites are difficult because of then need to show the owner knew of the dog's nature and that the owner was reckless. Leaving a known aggressive dog to be looked after by a child who is unable to properly restrain it would be good evidence of knowledge and recklessness.

Sometimes you may be unable to take a claim any further not because you haven't got a good case but because the dog owner doesn't have insurance. If they don't have cover then it means that they would be personally responsible for paying compensation for any injuries and also for paying legal fees. Unless they are good for the money then pursuing a claim against an uninsured dog owner just isn't worth it as even if you win you might never see any compensation. In such cases a claim to the CICA might be a better option.

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