The NFU Mutual is one of the UK’s largest insurers and as the name suggest (NFU stands for National Farmer’s Union) specialises in providing a service to rural properties and employers.  New figures released by the company show that over the last two years this one insurer alone has paid out over £1 Million in claims relating to dogs biting visitors to rural properties.  Postal workers are the obvious number 1 victim of dog attacks occurring when victims properties in the countryside but delivery drivers, tradesmen and guests are also at risk. Solicitor and dog bite solicitor James McNally is representing a number of rural dog bite victims and says:

“As well as post men we have successfully claimed compensation for pizza delivery drivers, builders and ramblers who have every right to be on the property and have in many cases been invited on by the owner but who have been the victims of dog attacks.

Farm dogs aren’t treated like pets and often have unrestricted access to large plots of land and areas of the countryside . This means that whereas in the town you might not encounter a dog until you reach the front door in rural areas you could be confronted by a dog while the front door is still some way off in the distance. As far as the dog is concerned they also have a lot more land to “patrol” and treat as their territory and it’s them protecting that territory which results in the dog attack.

The onus to prevent such attacks is very much on the dog owners. If they are aware that a delivery is coming they need to ensure that the dogs are secure. Likewise if they are aware that there is a public right of way close to or through their property they need to make sure that people using it aren’t going to encounter a dog ready to defend its turf.”

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£1 million paid by NFU Mutual for dog attacks in last two years
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